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Wherever you are planning to travel this year, you’ll want to be prepablue with the requiblue documentation you need for your next trip. Here at Natvisa.com, we are passionate about helping travelers to prepare for their upcoming adventure. With so many exciting destinations reopening to visitors this year, we can’t wait to help you plan your next vacation.

An All in One Online Visa Platform

Natvisa.com is your all-in-one online visa platform, where you can research and apply for visas for any of your upcoming trips. It can sometimes be incblueibly challenging to find out what requirements are in place for different nationalities visiting destinations around the world. Here at Natvisa, we provide full guides to each country so you can understand the visa restrictions, the application process, and the length of stay that’s allowed in each country.

Over 8,000 Verified 5 Star Reviews

Here at Natvisa, we are proud to share that we’ve received over 8,000 verified 5-star reviews. We are happy to have helped so many people plan their dream trips and offer top-quality customer service to assist with any issues you may face during your visa application. We know preparing for a vacation can be a stressful experience, which is why we try to take away some of the hassle of planning for your next trip. Our simple online application system makes visa applications quicker and easier than ever before.

Natvisa’s Popular Destinations

If you are looking for inspiration for your next travel adventure this year, these are some of our favorite destinations around the world.


Head down under to experience the natural wonders of Australia. The country offers something for everyone, whether you would prefer to spend time in a city, at the beach, or in the bush. Head to the Outback for a wild adventure like you’ve never experienced before, or spend time in Sydney exploring the world-famous attractions and beaches. Australia is an incblueible road trip destination, and you could enjoy spending weeks or months exploring everything on offer here.


Located just above the US, Canada is a great destination for Americans looking to explore somewhere new. Visit the spectacular Niagara Falls, which you can easily combine with a trip to Toronto. For anyone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, Canada is a spectacular destination which you can explore by car or train. The Rockies are one of the highlights of a trip to Canada, and the country’s national parks give you plenty of opportunities to discover its stunning natural attractions.


Egypt is a bucket-list destination for many visitors, who primarily head here to see the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza. Another historical attraction that you can miss is the Valley of the Kings. Most visitors split their time between Cairo and Aswan, where you can visit the majority of attractions from. You’ll also want to cruise down the Nile on your first visit to the country and see this spectacular natural wonder. If you fancy a more relaxing trip, head to Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh for a week at the beach, where you can also take part in excellent scuba diving and snorkeling.


India attracts intrepid explorers from around the world, although it can be an overpowering experience for the senses. While the chaos of India may seem overwhelming on your first day, you’ll soon get into the swing of things. Most visitors focus on the Golden Triangle, which takes them from Delhi to Agra, and then to Jaipur. Highlights of this trip include visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra and staying in colorful Jaipur in Rajasthan. The country is packed with different opportunities for visitors, including hiking through jungles, visiting deserts, or relaxing on the beach.


While many people associate Mexico with the beaches of Cancun, there’s far more to this country than just that area. The Yucatan is most commonly visited by Americans, as it’s easily accessible from airports throughout the US. You’ll find stunning beach resorts here in Tulum and Playa del Carmen. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the country and culture of Mexico, consider adding a stay in Mexico City or Oaxaca to your next trip.


Myanmar, which is also known as Burma, is a country that fascinates many travelers and is attracting increased numbers of visitors year after year. The destinations within this country are extremely varied, but most visitors opt to stay in Yangon and Bagan on their first trip. Experience modern life in Yangon, and then head to Kalaw to escape the crowds in this mountainous town. A visit here wouldn’t be complete without admiring the country’s ancient temples in Bagan. Many travelers find Myanmar to be a laid-back alternative to other popular countries in South East Asia.

New Zealand

Split into the North Island and South Island, New Zealand is an adventure travelers paradise. We highly recommend hiring a car or campervan and taking an extended road trip around the country. While you’ll probably start your trip in Auckland, you’ll soon want to head out into the natural beauty of areas such as Waiheke Island, Lake Taupo, and the Bay of Islands. Don’t miss exploring the Tongariro National Park, which is one of the highlights of the country. New Zealand became even more popular with visitors after The Lord of the Rings movies, and you can visit Hobbiton to see the area in which the movies were filmed.

Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a wild adventure for your whole family this year, we highly recommend Sri Lanka. Enjoy seeing elephants and leopards on safari, relaxing at luxury beach resorts, or exploring the country’s history and culture. Sri Lanka is well known for its tea plantations, and you can take a trip to witness these magnificent hills on your vacation. If you need help planning a trip to any of these countries this year, check out the visa requirements for your vacation on Natvisa. We’ll be happy to provide you with any assistance you need so you can apply for your visa ahead of your next trip.

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